22 Scholarships Awarded

Eastern Gateway Community College awarded 22 scholarships to students for use during the coming academic year.

The scholarships and their recipients with hometown include: EGCC Transfer Scholarship (transfer to Ohio State University) – Larry Barksdale, Youngstown; Nina Gentile Scholarship – Christopher Bennett, Bloomingdale; EGCC Foundation Scholarship – Anna Cain, Weirton; McClellan Trust Fund Scholarship Jason Chappel, Youngstown; Arthur J. D’Anniballe Scholarship¬†– Morgan Elson, Steubenville; McClellan – Vicky Hightower, Youngstown; Alumni Scholarship – Virginia Hodges, Steubenville; Nick A. Mougianis Memorial Scholarship – Molly Hutton, Brilliant; EGCC Scholarship – Olufemi Joshua-Morgan, Campbell; Samuel and Grace H. Johnston Scholarship – Kevan Laposta, Weirton; Alumni – Michael McBride Jr., Austintown; Defenbaugh Scholarship – Deborah Myers,¬† Vienna; Alumni – Rachel Noble, Steubenville; Gentile – Sydney Parks, Wintersville; Helen L. and James F. Murray Scholarship – Lisa Starr, Bloomingdale; Kimberly J. Patterson Scholarship – Lynnette Varvil, Warren; McClellan – Thanh Vo, Boardman; Naylor Scholarship – Crystal Wells, Toronto; Transfer (transfer to University of Akron) – Gregory Wickham, Richmond; Naylor – Katherine Williams, Wintersville; Naylor – Juliet Wolfe, Steubenville; and Alumni – Macy Yoho, Steubenville.