Capital Projects

Entry Portal / Electronic Message Board Restoration Project

General Grant Area: Buildings and Grounds

Goal: Restore Electronic Messaging Capabilities and Restore Sign w/ Current EGCC Colors

Brief Summary: The existing electronic messaging equipment / technology is outdated, inoperable and un-repairable due to obsolete replacement parts. EGCC is seeking funding to retrofit the existing structure to incorporate current electronic messaging technology and restore the exterior façade with current school colors and logo.

Need Statement: Eastern Gateway Community College has been communicating important community and college announcements to the residents of Jefferson through two highly visible entry portals / electronic message boards, located on Sunset Blvd. and John Scott Highway for many years.

Eastern Gateway believes this iconic beacon is an important communication tool, which allows EGCC to provide important college and community announcements for the residents of Jefferson County.

Budget: $150,000


With help in part from a large donation by the J.C. Williams Foundation,  the restoration project was completed in June of 2015.   Both signs, one on John Scott Highway and the other on Sunset Blvd., now provide the public with updated information about the college,  class offerings, time, date, weather and more!

IMG_3744 IMG_3739