How weImpact

Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) offers programs to meet the in-demand needs of employers as well as creates pathways for those looking to continue on with their education to a Bachelors and beyond. Students coming to EGCC are from different backgrounds and regions throughout the United States and even some in other countries. Their impact goes deep. Training in fields such as health care, engineering and technology, business and education, our graduates continue to improve the communities in which they live.

Our students are mentors, volunteers, and are committed to continuing their education and help those who pursue the same. The average age of our students is around 35 years of age, has had some college and looks to leverage their life experience to emerge into a field that allows them upward mobility in their careers. Our students create their opportunities through education. Our students include police officers, fire fighters, teachers, business owners all with one goal to pursue the dream of advancement and creating the lives they have always wanted. Education is the key to their success. Knowledge is the power that unlocks the great potential our students possess.

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